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The Whitney 360


Specialized Steps To Your Success 

Dr. James H. Whitney III uses his signature “Whitney Approach” when working with all of his clients. The Whitney 360 is a 360-degree, individualized approach that applies an equity mindset lens as well as concrete action plans and “real-world applications” to help students and institutions reach their desired goal. 

Dr. Whitney works with each client proactively to define a contract of desired goals and outcomes during each process or project. He will draw on his experience as an educator and social work practitioner as well as his personal triumphs to inform each process. Dr. Whiney uses himself and “actual applications” when guiding each relationship to achieve desired outcomes.

This is not a traditional checklist = no stock information here!

  • No generic checklist

  • No bias information

  • No general plan

  • No stock information

Dr. Whitney provides a customized approach to meet you where you are and help you to reach your goals. You will receive:

  • A 360-degree view on your situation or aspirational goals 

  • Individualized and research-based action plans

  • Information on how to use your personal capital, resources, and assets as a personal investment

  • A personal touch from someone who has first-hand knowledge of triumphing over adversity

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