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Organizational and Leadership Consulting

About Our Work Together

Leaders and organizations are in the middle of a great re-start. Clients', students', customers', consumers', employees', and shareholders’ expectations are higher than ever. Companies, organizations, and institutions of higher education must be flexible, adaptable, and anticipate revolving change. Understanding a diverse workforce and ensuring all people within the organization drive transformation is critical to organizational evolution.

Consulting will consist of:

  • Developing an organizational strategy that will not only drive transformation but also keep the “equity mindset” for all stakeholders and the center of your goals using the Whitney 360 approach

  • Ensuring ambitions, metrics, goals, and success planning inspire a thriving culture of success

  • Working together to enhance organizational effectiveness including, but not limited to, social and cultural capacity building

  • Creating leadership capacity and workforce success development

  • Addressing critical issues and unique challenges within the organization with a confidential consultant

  • Evaluating leaders, policy, and metrics within the organization

  • Creating a measurable, attainable, and action-driven plan that produces real-time results

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