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College and Graduate School Preparation

About Our Work Together

Colleges and graduate schools are more competitive than ever, and associated costs remain high and impact all families regardless of income, age, or race. First-generation and underrepresented students have an even greater burden planning, paying for, and staying in college or graduate school. Dr. Whitney will use the Whitney 360 approach tailored to each student and/or family.

Topics include:

  • Creating winning applications for college, graduate, and/or post-graduate professional school

  • Navigating the admission process

  • Preparing for the admission interview

  • Preparing for first, second, and future careers

  • Understanding the “hidden curriculum” and the college/graduate school culture

  • Building strategies for creating an “admitted student profile with funding”

  • Success strategies and yearly planning to stay in college and ensure timely graduation

  • Learning to solicit resources at your choice of university or college

  • Financial planning, goal setting, and unique methods of gaining support and outside funding

  • Understanding the unique needs of low-income, minority, or first-generation families

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